About Alpha Academy

In March 2002, we established Alpha Academy as a teaching and learning institution, not with in mind a business, but with the sole purpose of providing a self-respecting space for good teaching practices where teachers can express their values to the benefit of students, and where parents can be assure of good quality teaching. We see the relation of teacher, student and parent to be of equally value to the child’s education.

We are proud of our achievements. Since starting with two dedicated teachers and seven students, we have grown to accommodate over six hundred students on a weekly basis and provide for another one hundred and fifty overseas returnees during holiday periods. Many of our students have retained a good relationship with us throughout their education and beyond into adulthood, and we expect we will see past Alpha Academy student bringing their own children to us any day now.

Our growth has been organic in accommodating the expressed desires of parents in Hong Kong. We continue to do so with the recent opening of our dedicated institution for Young Learners to accommodate an increasing demand by parents to provide the academic foundation for their younger children in order to make the future transition to international and overseas school smoother and easier.