Overseas Preparation

We are well known for our dedication and track record in assisting students to enter UK schools with consistently over 200 entries to top UK schools each year. We provide expert preparation for all subject examinations, interviews and pre-selection tests such as ISEB Pre-test and UKiset, and can advise on visits to schools. We are commonly asked to provide preparation for at 7+, 11+, 12+, 13+, Year 10 and Sixth Form Entry.

We are also able provide expert advice to parents who wish to know more about specific UK schools. Our information is based on the experiences of parents and students who have entered schools of choice and maintained their relationship with us from the start of our operations in 2002.

Appointments can be made to meet with Our Director of Studies or another senior member of staff to familiarise with the nature and culture of UK schools, to discuss the suitability of schools for your child, preparation for the preselection tests and interviews, and any school visits schedule, and to formulate a preparation schedule for confirmed entry examinations.