Reading & Writing

We provide Young Learner’s English Reading and Writing Courses from K3 to P4. These studies are conducted in small groups with a dedicated focus on developing traditional reading comprehension and writing skills, oral expression, and critical thinking. Our mission is to enable children to advance their education at school with greater confidence and clarity.

Our environment has been especially designed to facilitate good teaching and learning practices where each child gets the specific attention they need while benefitting from the interaction of other students in a small dedicated group environment. Materials are broadly based on the British National Curriculum, augmented in accordance with the overall learning objectives at Alpha Academy to optimise progress and development.

Reading Comprehension

Our students are taken thought a shared reading experience on selected material with a focus on reading for meaning, vocabulary development, discussion of literary feature and presentation of extension writing to develop holistic technical skills, development of analytical reasoning skills and critical appreciation of literature.


Reading texts are provide a natural example of good writing purpose, structure and style with an overall emphasis placed on developing good grammatical expression.

Classes are organised into groups of similar age and/or levels of ability after an initial informal assessment. Commitment to regular weekly attendance is assumed as essential to progress and development of knowledge and skills.

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